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​Etiquette For You And I...


My Rates allow me to meet gentlemen who appreciate me being selective.  Please understand they are non-negotiable.  Cash and Email Money Transfers (EMT's) are accepted as methods of payment.  Please notify me of the EMT 1hr prior our get together as EMTs take some time to arrive. Your time to me is very valuable and I don't want the EMT to cut into our time together. I don't want to have to ask as it's not lady like and it's awkward to do so as well. EMTs can be sent to  Thank you so very much.


This is of the utmost importance for us to truly enjoy one another. For my health and yours, I schedule routine medical check-ups to insure our safety.   So if you're going to indugle and spoil yourself with a companion, please do the same.   We'll be able to be more creative.

You're more than welcome to utilize the the facilities at my place to freshen up if you don't have the time prior our get together.  If I'm coming to see you, please be groomed as I want us to fully take advantage of our time together instead of having to cut it short.  You can also wait for my arrival and we can discuss other options that we could both enjoy together.  Just let me know upon booking which you prefer.  I promise you will like the options presented to you.  Thank you again.


My promise to you is to treat you with the respect you rightfully deserve and I expect the same in return.  I ask you to please respect my boundaries as I take pride on being safe.  Should you wish to extend our time together (if my schedule permits), please take care of the additional Rates immediately so we can continue our time together.  Being a gentlemen at all times guarantees you will be generously rewarded.  Any derogatory language or the use of drugs and/or being inebriated while in my presence is unacceptable.  I reserve the right to terminate our time together if the aforementioned is not respected with no refund.  Let's just enjoy one another.


You can always take comfort in knowing that I am fully committed 100% in protecting your privacy. With that being said, there are no back to back appointments as to avoid crossing paths with others. There is no risk of anyone seeing you this way.  Also, I have chosen to blur my face in my images as an added step to guarantee your privacy.  All correspondence will be discarded immediately after we depart.  If you do see me in a public setting, please don't approach me.  My number one priority is your privacy and please do the same for me.  Upon your arrival, please be discreet.  I will always strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Photos are not offered due to the high level of privacy given to you.  Please visit my Gallery page at any time when you feel a desire for me.    

Social Engagements

I thoroughly enjoy being a classy and elegant lady as this is something that I pride myself on.  You will never have to worry about the use of drugs or smoking while in your presence or away from you as being a lady is a direct reflection on how I treat myself. With that being said, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine, red or white.  Dressing elegantly and modestly, I make sure to dress appropriately for the occasion that I will be accompanying you to.  Trust me, you will feel very proud as I hold your arm while entering a room.  I am a head turner!

To make sure you are pleased with what I am wearing, we can also venture out and I can model for you as you pick which outfit you would like for me to wear.  If this is something you'd be interested in doing, just let me know.  It truly is a blast!  Spending this time together will only enhance our time together and build more anticipation for the upcoming engagement.


Shopping time is included starting at a 4hr engagement however anything incurred while shopping is not. Don't worry, our shopping venture will not cut into our time together.


Please be on time for our in-call appointment as I will do the same.  It's greatly appreciated! By chance If you end up arriving early, please be patient as I make sure to never schedule my appointments back to back. This is an added measure for your own privacy and to also freshen up and re-energize myself in between.  Sometimes things happen and if you're running late or there is a need to cancel, please notify me as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements.  Please visit my  Contact page for information.  Failure to do so can result in our time being cut short or even cancelled as well as affecting future appointments. Please take comfort in knowing that I take pride in taking my time and I want you to to enjoy yourself as much as I do.

"Intimacy is a divine symphony

between two people exchanging lead

of the orchestra."

-Indira Saxena xo

With soft, gentle, soothing caresses,

with an insatiable appetite for



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