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East Indian


38D enhancements-27-34

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5'4" / 130lbs


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Social drinker, non-smoker,

chocolate, Gentlemen,

travel, shopping,


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FAQ's On Your Mind...

Tell me about your menu...

I don't offer a "service-based business" yet I focus on creating an intimate relationship where we connect through chemistry that is unique to both of us. I'm not a robot nor a machine and I thoroughly enjoy intimacy as much as you do.
One thing that stays the same is that we are always safe with one another.  As to what I crave... A Gentleman who not only wants to spend quality time together, but a gentleman who also wants to take his time.    I will only play safe while exploring the realms of intimacy with you.  So let's both ensure we'll both leave happy and content with a longing to return.  Please do not try to discuss otherwise.   I completely understand the nature of companionship and appreciate your cooperation.  Again, you will be generously rewarded.

What are your rates?
Rates are non-negotiable and can be found on my Rates page.  Thy never vary as my time is for companionship only.  There are no extra or any hidden fees associated as they are all-inclusive.  Canadian and American currency is  accepted.  Email money transfers (EMTs) are also welcomed if you do not wish to carry it on you.  This applies to both in-call and/or out-call.

How do I book a rendezvous with you?

You are more than welcomed to call direct, email or send a text message.  Visit my Contact  page for contact information.  There are times where our schedules in life become busier than usual and with that being said, it may be difficult to get a hold of me.  I will respond back just as soon as I possibly can as your inquiry is so very important to me. I'm quite selective with whom I spend time with so I politely ask you to be a gentleman with your initial contact and please continue to be a gentleman there after.  It would definitely help to know a little bit about you as first impressions can say so much about a person and will ultimately dictate and determine how we will spend our time together.  A gentleman that possesses couth will always have priority bookings as I enjoy catering to gentlemen.  Those that choose to act otherwise, I will not respond to.

Are you interested in dating?
I must admit that I'm incredibly humbled and I can’t thank you enough for seeing those qualities in me.  When I chose the lifestyle of a companion, I've vowed stay focused on creating a beautiful life as I'm a widow and mom.  My focus has always been you with no distractions that could potentially affect the quality of our moments together.  It is of the utmost importance to be able to continue providing excellence emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to all of you.  I thank you from the depths of my soul…  I would like to thank you all for coming into my life.  Hugs and kisses always...

Do you do drugs? 
I only part take in 420 since I've been recently diagnosed with EHT (Essential Head Tremor) 2016 and cancer (2017).  Not only does it relax my tremor but also is a part of my holistic step against cancer. 

Do you drink? 
I've never been big on drinking to be honest.  I come from a family of alcoholics and just lost 2 uncles in 2016 from an over indulgence. My exposure culminated an understanding to never under estimate the power alcohol can have over a person so I'm quite careful.  I'm may enjoy a glass of wine occasionally say a night out with friends or with you.


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